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Oil Change Service in Milpitas

Oil Change Service

At the heart of your vehicle is the engine, roaring, and pumping to get your vehicle moving. It works hard every time you start your car and relies on clean motor oil to run properly. BYOC Auto Repair provides oil change service for all makes and models to remove old, dirty oil and keep engines healthy. Without this essential service, your vehicle will undoubtedly experience major failures and breakdowns early in its lifespan. That means higher and more frequent repair costs!

If technicians are putting clean oil into your car, you might be wondering why it needs to be changed. Particles find their way into the engine compartment and as the motor oil circulates, it picks these up. That means the dirt and dust isn’t immediately causing damage to the engine parts and the oil is doing its job. Unfortunately, oil can’t retain its helpful properties forever. 

Eventually, additives designed to lubricate engine parts and control temperatures wear out. Sluggish, grimy oil filled with contamination won’t be able to protect the engine or keep it clean. That’s why oil must be replaced regularly!

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When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Navigating the specifics of oil change intervals can significantly impact your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. The traditional guidance suggests approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but this can GREATLY vary.

Modern vehicles equipped with advanced engines may safely extend this period (OR NOT), thanks to improvements in synthetic oil quality and engine technology. For the most accurate advice, consider your car’s make, model, and manufacturer recommendations, often found in the owner’s manual.

Beyond mileage, factors such as driving in extreme conditions, frequent short trips, or heavy towing may necessitate more frequent changes. Keeping an eye on oil color and consistency can also provide cues; unusually dark or gritty oil is a signal. In essence, consistent monitoring and understanding your vehicle’s particular context are paramount in maintaining its health and, by extension, safeguarding your on-road experience.

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